Firm Profile – Law Offices of Tali Rosen

Our firm handles corporate and commercial transactions, real estate transactions, and wills & estates (known in Israel as “inheritance matters”). In addition to professional expertise in the aforementioned practice areas, our firm’s advantage is our extensive experience working in both Israeli and international legal and business environments.

Our clientele consists of individuals and of corporate clients. The individuals are either Israelis or foreign nationals having business operations in, or needing legal advice with regard to, Israeli or combined Israeli/U.S. law. The corporate clients are start-up companies as well as long-established businesses.

Hi-Tech, Corporate and Commercial Law– Our firm has advised clients in many aspects of corporate and commercial practice, starting with setting up the proper entity in Israel or abroad through on-going legal consultation as the company builds its business. Our firm drafts Founders Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Distribution Agreements and Licensing Agreements, as well as more complicated agreements, such as Joint Venture Agreements, Merger and Acquisition Agreements, to mention just a few of the types of agreements we have drafted. The firm has assisted and continues to work with many high-tech companies.  When they need to raise capital, the firm assists them with negotiating and executing the Term Sheet, and then drafts the relevant investment documents. These have usually been private placement agreements, with their accompanying agreements and documents).

Real Estate in Israel – Our firm has extensive experience in real estate transactions, whether you want to engage in a more routine transaction, such as buying or selling an apartment, house, lot or building, or whether you want to enter into more complicated transactions, for instance, what is referred to in Hebrew as a “combination transaction”, in which the land owner contracts with a builder to construct residential units or commercial space, in consideration for a part of the land. Our firm represents the client through all stages of the transaction: negotiations; drafting the main agreement and ancillary documents; handling  and consulting on the real property and land taxation aspects; working with the governmental and municipal authorities to assist in the completion of the transaction; and recording it in the land registration office.

Inheritance Matters – Our firm has handled various inheritance matters, not only under Israeli law but also involving cross border wills and estates matters. We assist and guide clients with drafting wills – under both Israeli and U.S. law; we prepare and file applications to probate wills or to obtain succession orders, if the deceased died intestate or the will does not dispose of the entire estate.  The firm prepares expert opinions for courts hearing cross-border inheritance matters, for example, when the decedent resided in the United States but left assets within the State of Israel (whether real property, a bank account, or other movable object). More often than not, inheritance matters involve real estate issues, in which case our firm provides any relevant services.

The firm prides itself on its personal and direct communication with the client, and on timely responsiveness.

Member of the Israeli bar

Member of the New York State Bar Association